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Effective digital marketing all starts with us fully understanding your business – your product, services and customers. We dig through your website analytics, social analytics and customer data to discover insights and trends that will help us target new customers for you.

Once we understand your business model, we select platforms that will reach new customers effectively. We work with you to define a digital marketing budget and then create ads that will get you results. Everything is followed up with detailed reporting and recommendations for your next month or campaign.

Digital Advertising Services

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Google Search, Google Display
Facebook & Instagram

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the perfect solution for putting your brand, message or campaign in front large amounts of targeted people that are likely to buy. With special targeting and optimization we send the right messages at the right time to in-market shoppers. 

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin & Twitter

Social Media Advertising

There are many social media platforms; Each have their own unique set of ever-changing rules. It can be overwhelming, and costly, trying to figure out how each platform works and how to reach your customers. We take away the headaches with an integrated, simple social media advertising strategy that works. Using proper audience targeting, ad creative and messaging, you’ll be loving how much social media ads are working for your business.

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Digital Strategy

With a successful digital marketing strategy you can directly target prospective customers, increase engagement, and create positive return on investment.

Running a digital campaign without a plan might end up with vanity metrics and burnt cash. We call it the spray-and-pray method. We hate this strategy. Click below to find out how we create and measure a successful plan.

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Marketing Audits

Parilon Digital provides digital audits of all your online advertising platforms so you learn what’s working for and against you. Consider us a digital home inspector for the online foundation of your business. We dive into your accounts and inspect the overall structure, followed by sharing  what’s working well and what needs a new strategy.

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Analytics & Reporting

Digital marketing works because it’s loaded with  true measurable information. We use reported data and facts to rule our decisions, not hunches.

We’ll plug your business into our analytic tools and find opportunities to grow. Plus, every month you’ll receive a variety of custom built reports that make sense of important metrics for your business. No fluff included.

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