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Digital is ever-changing. Is your marketing?

Digital marketing is a complex and highly focused set of advertising platforms. It can be tough to ensure your business is maximizing every campaign across products, services and target demographics. 

Whether you’re unsure your current initiatives are stacking up from your in-house marketing or your current vendor,  we’ll deep dive into your account and outline places for growth and savings. Read more below about what Parilon Digital has to offer.

Digital Audit

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Google Ads (AdWords), Facebook

The big picture

what you need to know.

Whether you’re self-managing your digital marketing or working with a vendor, if your accounts don’t follow the proper structure and ongoing optimization, 

you're burning cash.


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Still unsure? Take a look a just a handful of the aspects we’ll dive into below to make sure your account is running at peak sales efficiency.

a handful of what we cover.

audits are customized for every project.

Proper Campaign, Ad Group & Ad Structure:

Ensure your account follows proper structure so you can maximize your results.


Digital platforms offer multiple networks. We’ll make sure you’re bidding on the ones that work for your business.

Branded Campaigns:

Do you own your brand online or is someone stealing your digital thunder?

Keyword Density by Ad Group:

We’re big fans of SKAGs (Single Keyword Ad Groups) but we’ll make sure your Ad Groups are overloaded with non-relevant keywords.

Geo Bidding:

We’ll make sure your campaigns are aligned with where your customers are or where they shop.​


Arguably the most important metric in your account. We’ll check your tracking metrics to ensure you’re tracking what really matters to your business and that the numbers line-up.


Whether it’s Display, Search or Social Ads we want you to tie a digital string to potential consumers even if they’ve just been browsing your site.

Ad Extensions & Ad Features:

Get noticed and increase clicks and calls by maximizing these free services from Google Ads.

Bid Strategies:

Every account has different goals. We can ensure you maximize conversions or traffic or whatever suits your needs.​


Tired of overspending or underspending? We’ll show you where to trim the budget or tie up loose ends.

Keywords and Negative Keywords:

Target topics that drive conversions while removing keywords that aren’t relevant and raise your overall costs.

General Metric Benchmarks:

Find out what’s reasonable for everything from cost per click click through rate and your average position on Google, Facebook and other platforms.

Bid Adjustments:

Tell Google & Facebook you’re willing to be flexible on price if it means driving the right customers.

Ad Copy:

Is your ad copy relevant and engaging? Does it have spelling mistakes? We proof for the best results and make sure your business is held in high regard.

IP Exclusions:

Are you paying for your employees or competitors clicking on your ads? Find out what’s blocked or left open.

ready to maximize your digital marketing potential?

here's our process:





Screenshare or Phone Call Introduction: 20 Minutes

Tell us about your business goals and your experience with digital advertising. We’ll make sure we’re on the same page to determine what really matters to your business online with a 20 minute phone call. Parilon Digital will request analyst access to your Digital Advertising platforms and begin your audit.

Audit Process

1 to 3 days

We’ll cover all the points listed above and more depending on your personalized requests.

If your business has specialized needs we can include in-depth analysis on unique segments.

Report & Recommendations

Report of Findings PLUS a Strategy Suggestion For Implementation

The final submission will outline everything that we’ve found that can be improved. Any points of interest we find along the way will also be brought to your attention so you can better understand your digital impact.

Our report will outline opportunities for implementation and a growth strategy. Feel free to ask Parilon Digital to implement the changes or take it in-house or to your current marketing team.

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Digital Audit Services

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Google Ads (AdWords), Facebook

need help implementing your audit findings?

We’re here to help! If your business performs a digital audit and signs up for Google Ads Management Services or Facebook Management Services with Parilon Digital we’ll waive the account build fee – that’s $500 in savings!

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